The Slurve is an email newsletter published every day during the baseball season* and frequently during the offseason.  In our email we aim to give you one original take each day, along with all the best writing and most important news: every team, every day.  We think there has never been as much good writing about the game as there is now. But a lot of it is buried underneath junk: rage-inducing "lists", faked debates, and NSFW content that you don't want your kid or co-worker seeing over your shoulder.  

Let the Slurve send you everything you need and the best of the rest.

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Baseball is fun. It makes long days easier and occasionally it awes us. We hope The Slurve does the same.

Michael Brendan Dougherty is the editor of the The Slurve. His work has appeared in ESPN Magazine, New York Times Magazine, The Week, The American Conservative, The Atlantic, Slate, Popular Mechanics and many other outlets.  

*barring death or dismemberment